Introducing the first ever Event Management Concierge!

Most event sites just set up ticketing for your events, leaving promotion, engagement, and security up to you. We cover all of that for you while ticketing- so you can focus on making your event awesome!

Know Your Attendees

Our system gives you the ability to know who's going before they show up and allows you to message them important updates instantly. No more worrying about ticket scalping, rescheduling, or rude patrons. Be completely prepared before they show.

Build your social media campaign

We make this easy for you with analytics, custom hashtags, custom promotional messages, incentivized share-based discount codes, and share buttons. Your customers will give your events popularity for you!

Direct mobile engagement

We send your followers instant text messages the moment you host an event, telling them exactly where and when it's happening, as well as how to buy your tickets. We also give them RSS feeds of your events, so they can get all the details instantly.

For a limited time, we'll cut our ticketing service fee to the level of payment processing whenever your customers share your event, giving you the edge you need to get more attendees.

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About Us

EventKast is the most secure, full service engagement, cost effective event management software. We help people locate, attend, host, advertise, manage, and ticket all kinds of events

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